To Have & To Hear

What is an audio guestbook?

A traditional guestbook with a twist. Ditch the pen and paper and cherish the voices of your loved ones to have and to hear forever. Our unique phone allows your guests to leave voice messages at your event whether it’s a wedding, engagement party, big birthday celebration or simply a family get together.

To Have & To Hear

Why choose us?

We are a family-run business with only your best interests at heart. As two working musicians sound is a big part of our daily lives, so when it was our time to get married it was really important for us to be able to capture the voices of our loved ones on our wedding day. Hearing the sound of a person’s
voice instantly brings back a rush of memories and nostalgia. We wanted to be able to share this experience with others and decided to bring our vision of To Have & To Hear to life!

From sentimental messages left by your grandparents to your best friend drunkenly singing that banger from the side of the dance floor, our audio guest book has heard it all. Whether your messages are heartfelt and meaningful or comedic and tipsy, we know one thing, you will cherish these messages for the rest of your life.

We ship across UK and Ireland. Get in touch for international quotes.

What people are asking
What is an audio guestbook?

An audio guestbook replaces the traditional pen and paper guestbook prompting guests to leave well-wishes and memories with the sound of their voice. This gives a whole new depth to a guestbook with much more sincerity and meaning found in the voices of your nearest and dearest.

What greeting message will my guests hear when they lift the handset?

You will send us a pre-recorded greeting message prior to your event which we install onto the phone. At your event, your guests will lift the handset and hear your voice(s) asking them to leave a message after the beep (or really whatever you would like to say, but ending your greeting with ‘after the beep’ is a good idea!).

How and when do I receive my messages?

Once you have returned the phone to us, we will deliver your messages to you via USB and digital download typically in the space of 1-2 weeks from return receipt of the phone. We will also provide a tailor made template to allow you to easily pick and choose messages to share on social media or amongst your friends and family (allowing the NSFW messages to be kept to yourself!).

Do I need a telephone line?

No! The phone only requires electrical power which can be in the form of a mains socket or through a battery pack which can be requested free of charge.

Is it easy to use?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply plug in, lift the handset and leave a message after the beep!

Do I only have the choice of one type of phone?

We are continually expanding our range of phone colour and style but for the moment all of our phones are based on the classic GPO 746 corded phone in a range of different colours including: ivory, black, sage, baby pink, light blue.

Do you listen to the messages?

After receiving the returned phone, we run all of your messages through audio processing software to ensure you receive the best quality audio. We understand your messages are personal to you and strive to respect your privacy at all stages of the processing.

But what if the phone doesn’t fit in with my colour scheme?

At To Have & To Hear we have every colour you could need to fit in with your chosen colour scheme.