To Have & to hear

7 Reasons you need an Audio Guestbook at your Wedding.

1. For the sentimental moments
Life is not guaranteed and while we hope the day never comes, we often wish we could hear the voice of a loved one just one more time. With To Have & To Hear you will be able to listen to the people you love on demand for years to come and that’s what makes this wedding guestbook so special.

2. Leave your guests talking (literally!)
The audio guestbook is a new concept that many of your guests will not have heard of or seen before, so this is your chance to incorporate a unique touch to your wedding and relish in being the ultimate trendsetter in the years to come when audio guestbooks are a ‘must- have’ at all weddings!

3. Is a traditional guestbook ever that personal?
I don’t know about you but every time I have written in a wedding guestbook, I have always written something along the lines of “Congratulations”, “Best day ever!”, “Stunning day for a stunning couple”, sound familiar? Our audio guestbook banishes all impersonal messages and invites your guests to re-tell stories of childhood, the questionable choices you made in your teen years or in my case, that one time at band camp… Save your money on the polaroid film and expensive guestbook, instead choose real-life memories with To Have & To Hear.

4. An aesthetic to suit all
Are you a quirky bride? Do you want an alternative wedding? Or maybe you want to be married in a castle, 5* hotel or abroad on a beach at sunset? Our vintage style audio guestbook will fit right in, no matter what the setting.

5. Nobody likes the pressure of open mic speeches!
Leave the public speeches to the bridal party and instead invite your guests to leave their speech with the trusty ears of our audio guestbook. This means your guests won’t be stumbling over their words when a microphone is thrust in their face in front of a room of 100 people staring back!

6. It will capture what a videographer won’t
We all rush to book one of the most important parts of the wedding day: video. But what we often forget is that most wedding videos are overdubbed with music, meaning that voices of our guests aren’t usually heard. Our audio guestbook will capture what the videographer does not.

7. Create a time capsule to live on in your family
We love to look back on old photos of family members, especially those ones you find of your great-great grandparents but imagine how magical it would be to hear the voices of your ancestors. Our audio guestbook can be the perfect time capsule you never knew you needed that can live on through generations of your family to come, you just need to be the first ones to start it!